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Rhodes University and Their Postgraduate LLM Program

Rhodes University offers a great postgraduate LLM program. Studens should be aware that both the LLM and PhD programs are by thesis only. 

In order to be eligible for this program, students need to have an average of 65% or above in the final year of their LLM studies. Students are also given a list of documentation that they need to submit prior to applying for admission. These documents include:

-Curriculum Vitae 

-Degree certificates (copies)

-A complete transcript of results that the student got in university courses

-A 2 to 4 pages long research proposal outlining the key elements of their topic.
*For a detailed outline of research proposal click here.

The reason why Rhodes University demands such a detailed document explaining the research thesis is two-fold - the first is to determine if the thesis is viable and the second is to evaluate if they have appropriate supervision among their faculty. 

After the evaluation of documentation submitted students who are deemed eligible will be invited for admissions. In order to complete the initial registration students will need to submit a formal research proposal to the Higher Degrees Committee of the Faculty. They will be assisted in creating this document by the supervisor assigned to them by the faculty.

The admissions are usually around March every year. If you are not sure what research thesis to go for maybe you should check out their list of research areas for which they are capable of offering quality supervision.

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