Official Journal of the European Union

Official Journal of the European Union

The official journal of the EU is usually referred to as the OJ. It is published in all 24 official and working languages of the EU. Published every day, it is split into two main sections (known as series). The L series contains EU legislation and the C series contains EU reports and announcements.

There is also the “Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union” known as the S series. It covers invitations to tender for public procurement contracts within the European Union, such as public works, services and supply contracts. In addition, there is the CE series which contains draft EU legislation. It is only available on a EUR-Lex database or on a CD-Rom issued monthly.

The OJ is both the principal source of information on EU affairs and the formal source of legislative information on the EU. All EU legislation published in the OJ can be found at

Finding EU legislation

Of key importance is how to use a footnote to find EU legislation within the OJ. For example, OJ L 12, 16.1.2001, p. 1-23 is fairly self-explanatory. It means pages 1 – 23 of the twelfth volume of the L series of 2001. More confusing is the citation 2000/C 264/03. It means item three (not page three) of issue 264 of the C series of 2000.