IP due diligence: a lawyer-client letter Quiz

Dear Ms Konzett

In addition to the items I requested during our recent meeting, I would be extremely grateful if you could provide copies of the following:

1. All invention disclosures related to the business assets being transferred that are either awaiting disposition or are to be the basis of a patent application.

2. The prosecution files for any registrations or pending applications.

3. Specimens of each use of such mark for each jurisdiction in which the mark has been used or registered.

4. Any proprietary information owned by seller and not protected by copyright, trade mark or patent, including trade secrets, know-how and confidential information.

5. All documents and filings affecting title to IP (security interests, releases of security interests, assignments, changes of name) to confirm a complete chain of title.

6. All security interests, security agreements and releases of them, whether or not recorded, relating to any of the IP assets scheduled to be transferred.

Kind regards

Nicholas Gervais