World Law Dictionary Colombia

The World Law Dictionary for Colombia is a cooperation between TransLegal and one of Colombia’s leading universities, Universidad del Rosario which, due to its important place in Colombian history, is known as “the Cradle of the Republic”.

Universidad del Rosario, Faculty of Law

In addition to professors from the university, the translation team which produced the dictionary included experienced US and British lawyer-linguists with many years of translation experience.

The dictionary will include over 10,000 English legal terms translated into Colombian-Spanish and broken down by field of law. In addition to the translations, there will be notes explaining the Colombian legal concepts when they are not fully equivalent to the English legal concepts. There will also be notes explaining Colombian legal concepts which do not have any equivalent in the English-speaking jurisdictions.

All of the Colombian terms are linked to TransLegal’s English dictionary of law which is designed specifically to help lawyers and law students working in English as a second language. The English dictionary provides features, including sound recordings for pronunciation help, encyclopedic entries, notes on usage, common mistakes, and a phrase bank listing authentic examples of each term. These features have been compiled by reference to a wide range of legal documents, corpora, reference materials, and the extensive knowledge gained from TransLegal’s 25 years of training lawyers to work in English.

Professors Blaise Maclean and Angélica María Gutiérrez Ramos of Universidad del Rosario with Peter Torma, TransLegal Project Manager