Introduction to Legal English

Who is the course for?

Law students, lawyers in their early years of legal practice, lawyers with little experience of using English in legal contexts, legal support staff who are regularly required to assist lawyers in their work, professionals who regularly work with lawyers or on legal matters.

What does the course teach?

This course provides the basic language skills needed by lawyers practicing in the international Legal Community. It also introduces the essential vocabulary of Legal English, and includes notes and exercises on some key areas of grammar.

The course can be taken as a fully online introduction to Legal English. It can also be used as part of a blended learning course in conjunction with Introduction to International Legal English, written by Amy Krois-Lindner, Matt Firth, and TransLegal (Cambridge University Press 2008).

How long will the course take?

Approximately 30-35 hours.


    1. A career in law
    2. Contract law
    3. Tort law
    4. Criminal law
    5. Company law
    6. Commercial law
    7. Real property law
    8. Litigation and arbitration
    9. International law
    10. Comparative law
    11. Intellectual property law