Law is language: the translation of complex legal documents from one language to another requires not only excellent language skills but a thorough understanding of two different legal systems.

TransLegal’s translators are lawyer-linguists and in the Nordics, TransLegal is regarded as a leading translation company for legal and other business documents delivering high quality translations to, among others, leading law firms, banks, global fintech companies, property developers, and insurance companies.

We offer legal English translations in the following in-house combinations:

• Swedish to English
• German to English
• French to English

Through the collaboration with other lawyer-linguists on the World Law Dictionary, TransLegal has built up an international network of translators and is able to offer translations in the following language combinations while remaining true to the original idea – for lawyers, by lawyers:

• Norwegian to English
• Danish to English
• Finnish to English
• Polish to English
• Italian to English
• Japanese to English
• Dutch to English
• Spanish to English

Over the years, we have built-up expertise in a wide range of legal and business documents and translate the following, non-exhaustive list of document types:

• Agreements and terms and conditions
• Company incorporation documents
• Minutes from board meetings and general meetings
• Internal company policy documents and employment documents
• Documents for submission to governmental and financial authorities
• Financial documents including annual reports and interim statements
• Newsletters, press releases, websites
• Property and construction agreements
• Prospectuses
• Divorces, wills, cohabitee agreements

We are an agile company and have invested in state-of-the-art technologies and modernized our work systems to offer quick turnaround at reduced costs, without compromising on translation quality and/or security.

In addition to the translation and proofreading of legal documents, our in-house staff of lawyer-linguists provides a wide range of products and services to the international legal community including the World Law Dictionary, a partnership between TransLegal and over a dozen leading law faculties around the world. TransLegal also provides Legal English testing, online Legal English courses and resources, live seminars and training.

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