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Property Law

Real Estate transactions are becoming ever more complex, with many lawyers lacking the tools to resolve today's most complex real estate issues in ways that meet clients' concerns and objectives. An LLM in Property Law can make a difference. As development companies and law firms strive for greater efficiency, they are less inclined to train new associates and more likely to hire people who have a fundamental knowledge of real estate law. Firms and clients want effective real estate attorneys with an in-depth knowledge of the laws and industry, who can ask the right questions and quickly identify and solve complicated issues and problems. Firms need and clients demand lawyers with these skills.

Plenty of degrees in LLM in Property Law will initially offer two concentrations: one in Finance and Development and the other in Public Policy and Regulation. Some programs will help students develop the skills needed to excel in transactional practice or governmental affairs related to real property development, and provide them with a good understanding of the interrelated legal issues, business principles, and policy concerns involved in real estate transactions, development, and financing.

Most LLM in Property Law expose students to foundational areas of practice and cutting edge issues as well as the business of real estate. This advanced educational opportunity is for lawyers dedicated to working in the real estate field, either as attorneys or entrepreneurs. Many university curriculums enable students to select the courses that will further their career objectives. A number of LLM programs are designed to be flexible, allowing full-time students to complete the program in one year, while part-time students can sometimes be enrolled in the program for up to four years.

By exposing lawyers to the laws and issues and enabling them to apply the principles drawn from real estate, land use, and environmental law, many LLM Property Law programs provide the depth and precision to ensure that its graduates are ready to practice. An LLM Property Law focuses on the wide-ranging business of real estate and enables lawyers to understand their clients' needs and find the best legal solutions to meet their clients' goals.
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