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Legal Theory

An LLM in Legal Theory offers advanced training in legal theory and legal history. "Legal theory" broadly includes an intellectual reflection on domestic and international law and legal institutions that draws on philosophy, economic theory, psychology, anthropology, political theory, critical race theory, feminist theory, history and sociology. It also provides an essential foundation in the sources and methods for the modern history of law.

Most LLM programs Legal Theory are designed to promote a fusion between the fields of Legal History and Philosophy of Law. Many of the courses for an LLM in Legal Theory has been designed in such a way to allow students to choose combinations of courses that are customized to their interests. A student with mainly theoretical interests might choose a combination of courses with a philosophical focus, while a student with mainly historical interests might choose courses with a historical focus; and a student with an interest on the foundations of private law might choose courses with a focus on private law from the historical and theoretical perspectives, etc.
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