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California, United States


  1. American Law
  2. Dispute Resolution
  3. Human Rights
  4. Intellectual Property (IP) Law
  5. International Law
  6. International Trade Law
  7. Legal Practice

England, United Kingdom


  1. Legal Practice

England, United Kingdom


  1. Business / Corporate / Commercial Law
  2. Comparative Law
  3. International Business Transactions / Conflict of Laws
  4. Legal Practice

England, United Kingdom


  1. European Law
  2. International Law
  3. Legal Practice

New York, United States


  1. Banking / Finance / Securities
  2. Competition Law / Antitrust / Unfair Competition
  3. Dispute Resolution
  4. Environmental Law
  5. Estate Planning
  6. General LL.M. Programs
  7. Legal Practice
  8. Legal Theory
  9. Tax Law / Taxation

District of Columbia, United States


  1. Dual Degree Programs
  2. Environmental Law
  3. Feminist Legal Studies
  4. General LL.M. Programs
  5. Human Rights
  6. Intellectual Property (IP) Law
  7. International Business Transactions / Conflict of Laws
  8. International Trade Law
  9. Legal Practice



  1. General LL.M. Programs
  2. Legal Practice
LLM in Legal Practice
LLM in Legal Practice

The aims of an LLM in Legal Practice include providing a post graduate foundation for research into areas or topics of legal practice, enabling the student to research into a particular area or topic of legal practice and developing and extending the student's knowledge and critical appreciation of an aspect of legal practice.

Within the scope of an LLM in Legal Practice program, you will have the opportunity to explore, in depth, a particular aspect of legal practice. This may reflect your current professional practice context or relate to your career development plans and/or academic interest. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to analyze and critically assess current knowledge and custom in legal practice.

An LLM in Legal Practice gives you the chance to develop an in-depth appreciation of the subtlety of specialist legal areas. At the same time, you will be taught the concepts and skills required to efficiently and effectively manage and run a legal practice.

Latest news for LLM in Legal Practice

Maynooth University Now Inviting Applicants to its LLM Programs

19 Apr 18

Maynooth University, officially known as the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, through its Department of Law, is now inviting applicants to the different postgraduate law programs open to both law and non-law graduates. Of these post graduate degrees, four are…

Scholarships for LLM in Legal Practice Offered at Northumbria Law School

10 Apr 18

The Northumbria University Law School is currently offering the Dean’s Award Scholarship to students who are admitted full-time or part-time to the LLM in Legal Practice (LLM LPC) program or the Legal Practice (LPC) postgraduate program for academic year 2018/19. The scholarship’s…

€10,000 Scholarships from the Irish Government Offered to LLM Students

13 Mar 18

The Irish government is offering outstanding students from non-EEA countries who will study in Ireland the Government of Ireland – International Education Scholarships (GOI-IES) program for academic year 2018/19. The scholarship scheme operates under the higher education sector of the government and…

LLM Administrators Conference to Be Held February 22 to 23

07 Feb 18

The International Legal Education Abroad Conference (ILEAC) holds a conference annually, which brings together important practitioners in the field of international legal education. These key personalities, including LLM administrators from various law schools in the US and internationally, meet to…

Deadlines of Applications for LLM in NYU Announced

09 Oct 17

Prospective students intending to obtain an LLM degree from New York University (NYU) School of Law must take note of the deadlines set forth by the Law School. All applications, including the submission of requirements, must be completed through LSAC and accomplished preferably…

2018 LLM International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition Announced

11 Sep 17

The date for the Sixth LLM International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition was recently announced and registration for interested participating law schools is on-going. The date for the next competition is April 13-14, 2018. This annual moot competition is hosted by the American…

Voted Top 300 Worldwide, University of Essex Offers New LLM Degree

08 Sep 17

The 5 September 2017 survey conducted by the Times Higher Education (THE) ranked the University of Essex among the 2018 top 250 to 300 universities worldwide. This is just another addition to the accolades received by the university including the no. 14 ranking it…

ESADE Law School Still Accepting Applications for LLM 2017 Courses

30 Aug 17

With the rolling deadlines imposed at Barcelona-Pedralbes’ ESADE Law School, law graduates and legal professionals still have time to start earning their LLM degrees in 2017. ESADE Law is a top private university located in Barcelona, Spain, known for being one of…

Six Reasons Why You Should Take Your LLM Degree at NYU Law

09 Aug 17

New York University School of Law (NYU Law) is a renowned intellectual powerhouse due to its 106-member faculty, more than 30 centers, 15 areas of study, 80+ student organizations and 317 courses. NYU Law currently offer 8 full-time LLM courses:…

Legal English for LLM Students

This course is designed with the specific needs of LLM students in mind. It teaches over 750 terms essential for successful postgraduate legal studies in English, and also includes invaluable study tips, exercises designed to train your academic legal skills development and reading, writing, listening and speaking practice. The texts are all taken from common law legal systems and provide an indispensable introduction to common law legal systems.

Legal English for LLM Students

Expand your Legal English vocabulary word by word

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