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Latin American Law

The LLM Latin American Law program is generally designed to provide both U.S. and foreign attorneys with an enhanced understanding of the transnational legal environment in the Americas. In general, students in this program take courses in international trade and investment, international human rights, international environmental law, NAFTA, and the legal regimes of Mexico and other Latin American states.

Some institutions provide an LLM/M.A. in Latin American Studies (a joint degree program). Students may qualify for this program by being accepted by both the Law School and the Graduate School.

The Inter-American Law program is designed to prepare students for a career in the Inter-American legal field, and to expose students to fundamental aspects of Latin American law and legal culture so that they can effectively service clients from that region as well as advise clients doing business in Latin America. Some universities offer an array of courses that are taught each semester in Spanish, enabling students to develop their technical language skills as they master contemporary legal concepts. It is generally for American law graduates who are bilingual.
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