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New York, United States


  1. American Law
  2. Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Liquidation

New York, United States


  1. American Law
  2. Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Liquidation

South Africa


  1. Business / Corporate / Commercial Law
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Contract Law / Private Law
  4. Criminal Law / Criminal Justice / Criminology
  5. Employment Law / Labour Law / Social Security Law
  6. Environmental Law
  7. General LL.M. Programs
  8. Human Rights
  9. Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Liquidation
  10. International Law
  11. Legal History
  12. Legal Theory
  13. Other
  14. Public Law / Administrative Law / Regulation
  15. Tax Law / Taxation

England, United Kingdom


  1. Banking / Finance / Securities
  2. Business / Corporate / Commercial Law
  3. Comparative Law
  4. Competition Law / Antitrust / Unfair Competition
  5. Criminal Law / Criminal Justice / Criminology
  6. Employment Law / Labour Law / Social Security Law
  7. Environmental Law
  8. European Law
  9. Family Law
  10. General LL.M. Programs
  11. Human Rights
  12. Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Liquidation
  13. Intellectual Property (IP) Law
  14. International Business Transactions / Conflict of Laws
  15. International Law
  16. International Trade Law
  17. Law and Economics
  18. Legal Theory
  19. Maritime Law
  20. Other
  21. Public International Law / International Organizations
  22. Securities Regulation

California, United States


  1. Business / Corporate / Commercial Law
  2. Entertainment Law
  3. General LL.M. Programs
  4. Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Liquidation
  5. International Law
  6. Securities Regulation
  7. Tax Law / Taxation

England, United Kingdom


  1. Business / Corporate / Commercial Law
  2. Competition Law / Antitrust / Unfair Competition
  3. Criminal Law / Criminal Justice / Criminology
  4. Employment Law / Labour Law / Social Security Law
  5. European Law
  6. Health Law / Medical Law
  7. Human Rights
  8. Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Liquidation
  9. Intellectual Property (IP) Law
  10. International Trade Law
  11. Sports Law

Latest news for LLM in Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Liquidation

Nottingham Trent University Inspires Its LLM Students to Give Back

12 Dec 18

The 175-year old Nottingham Trent University is known for many things – its tireless contribution to the advancement of educational practices, its attentive and innovative faculty, and the University’s learning environment that is both inspiring and fun are just a…

The Best Law Schools to Offer T-Shaped Legal Education

27 Nov 18

T-shaped education is of late trending among law students as well. To both graduate and postgraduate students, it offers unique opportunities for honing their skills, expanding on their knowledge, and pursuing careers in various legal fields. Institutions devoted to student…

UCL Law Gives New Scholarships for LLM Students

08 Oct 18

In the spirit of fairness and social equality, the UCL Faculty of Laws has just announced the launch of at least ten new scholarships for deserving graduates in pursuit of LLM degrees. All scholarships will apply for the academic year…

UCL Faculty of Laws Welcomes the LLM Class 2018-2019

01 Oct 18

The UCL Faculty of Laws, the law school of University College London, welcomed its new LLM Class rich of diverse students from all around the world. The students joined the community of some of the most ambitious graduate students from…

LLM Student of UCL Wins Georg Schwarzenberger Prize

16 May 18

Hannes Jöbstl, an LLM student of the University College London (UCL) Faculty of Laws, has won the prestigious Georg Shwarzenberger Prize for 2018. This award is given to law students annually for their outstanding study in the area of Public…

Master of Dispute Resolution Now Offered Online at Pepperdine University

04 Apr 18

Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute (Pepperdine Law) is world renowned for its conflict and dispute resolution graduate programs. It offers Masters, Certificate and LLM in Dispute Resolution degrees for both lawyers and non-lawyers. For 2019, the U.S. News and World Report ranked its Dispute…

UCL LLM Students to be Officers of the LLM Moot

08 Dec 17

Two University College London (UCL) LLM students taking up different LLM programs at the University’s Faculty of Laws are appointed LLM Moot officers. Student of LLM in Commercial Law Cameron Dadkhah and student of LLM in International Commercial Law Shanzé…

USF Law School Offers Four Master of Laws Degrees for Fall 2018

26 Oct 17

The University of San Francisco (USF) is a private national institution founded in 1855 as a non-profit, Jesuit-Catholic university. It is located at the California’s Bay Area right at the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. It is the recipient of…

Choose an LLM Programme from the Best UK Law Schools in 2018

28 Aug 17

Legal education is dynamic. It changes, improves, develops and is updated. Given various events occurring worldwide, e.g., innovations, technology, climate change, environmental destruction, artificial intelligence, cybercrimes, etc., new laws continue to be enacted. This is why law graduates and individuals…

UCLA’s LLM Applications Start September 2017

09 Aug 17

UCLA’s reputation for academic excellence is known worldwide. The same goes for its School of Law. As LLM classes for the academic year 2017 to 2018 began mid-August, applications are no longer accepted. However, September 2017 marks the beginning of…

Legal English for LLM Students

This course is designed with the specific needs of LLM students in mind. It teaches over 750 terms essential for successful postgraduate legal studies in English, and also includes invaluable study tips, exercises designed to train your academic legal skills development and reading, writing, listening and speaking practice. The texts are all taken from common law legal systems and provide an indispensable introduction to common law legal systems.

Legal English for LLM Students

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