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Feminist Legal Studies

Gender cuts across many of the conventional boundaries that separate legal disciplines. Students pursuing an LLM in Feminist Legal Studies or LLM Gender and the Law can take a course of study that incorporates international, comparative, and domestic approaches to legal issues related to gender. Most LLM Gender and the Law programs incorporate an understanding of the ways that gender permeates the structure and operation of law with the study of legal systems throughout the world. Some institutions offer basic and advanced upper level courses in gender and law (such as Feminist Jurisprudence or Gender, Cultural Difference and Human Rights). A number of LLM in Feminist Legal Studies or LLM Gender and the Law programs require that students write a thesis as part of a seminar focused on gender and legal scholarship. Some of the topics include feminist jurisprudence, comparative family law, sex-based discrimination, international human rights, gender and cultural differences, work and parenting and many more.
Many LLM Gender and the Law/Feminist Legal Studies programs integrate a gender perspective into courses where students might not imagine it (such as Tax or Environmental Law), which is a great reminder that there is no part of the law that is not affected by gender.
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