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21 Programs in Family Law offered by 19 Universities

Family Law

An LLM in Family Law program enables future practitioners to handle contemporary family law practice's increased demand for specialization and need for an interdisciplinary focus for resolving family issues. Most LLM in Family Law programs help develop skilled family lawyers who have a thorough knowledge of the issues central to the field - divorce, family violence, child custody, abuse, neglect and support - as well as knowledge in related areas such as tax, contracts, real estate, and partnership law, child psychology and treatment options.

Family law covers domestic violence, divorce, child law and financial settlement. An area on the rise in this legal sector is the collapse of relationships between unmarried individuals, also known as cohabitation. Child law can be divided further into areas covering residence, parental contact and surrogacy issues. Lawyers can also choose public law work, working on matters relating to adoption, fostering and children in care.

Lawyers in the public sector will need a good working knowledge of mental health issues, welfare, criminal and education law. Lawyers working on the financial side of family law will need to have good knowledge of property, tax, trusts and pensions. An LLM in Family Law can help meet your needs, whether you seek to concentrate on matrimonial issues - marital dissolution, child custody, and property distribution, child protection issues - child abuse and neglect and the child welfare system, or one of the growing areas of subspecialty - international family law, legislative reform, etc.
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