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109 Programs in Environmental Law offered by 85 Universities

Environmental Law

Environmental law is a major concern in many aspects of legal practice and government today. The protection of the quality of the environment and the ecosystems which it supports are amongst the most significant challenges which confront humankind. The law plays a vital role in this enterprise by requiring industries and individuals to work towards greater sustainability in the exploitation of natural resources and to have appropriate regard for the quality of water, air and land.

An LLM in Environmental Law and Policy provides detailed knowledge of the role of legal instruments as a means of giving effect to environmental policy at national, European Community and international levels. The issues are approached from an interdisciplinary perspective, involving an understanding and assessment of the effectiveness and limitations of law as a means of protecting and enhancing the environment.

Most graduate level environmental law programs as a whole offer both thorough coverage of broad-based environmental principles in a legal context and advanced training in specialized fields of interest, including, among many others, courses on global warming, energy law and policy, land and water use management, conservation and biodiversity, toxics law and policy, international trade and the environment, and environmental justice.

An LLM in Environmental Law gives an excellent foundation for those intending to become environmental law lawyers, environmental advisers with national or international bodies, or non-governmental organizations. An LLM in Environmental Law also provides an ideal basis for those seeking to pursue research degrees in environmental law.
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