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14 Programs in Entertainment Law offered by 13 Universities

Entertainment Law

An LLM in Entertainment Law combines the academic analysis and commercial practice elements of entertainment law. The diverse nature of entertainment law allows a number of specializations to be pursued, with the key foundations being the issues of contract and intellectual property.

An LLM in Entertainment Law will often suit graduates from a law background or, in some instances, those with a non-law background who have significant relevant experience. Most LLM Entertainment Law programs aim to impart knowledge of the operation of key fields within the entertainment industries and the impact of the law upon them. Most of the programs are geared toward providing the student with the practical skills necessary to succeed in a career in entertainment law.

LLM in Entertainment Law programs are designed to prepare future students for a bright future as efficient media and intellectual property lawyers. Some universities offer online versions of the LLM program, giving students the opportunity of attending classes in person or online from anywhere in the world.
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