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37 Programs in Employment Law / Labour Law / Social Security Law offered by 37 Universities

Employment Law / Labour Law / Social Security Law

Increasingly, employment law has become more complex and has had to respond to rapid social and political change. At many institutions, an LLM in Employment Law is a taught Master of Laws program offering quality learning and teaching experience that allows students to develop, renew and expand their understanding of these trends.

Many LLM in Employment Law programs are a blend of online distance learning and weekend face-to-face residential sessions. During these residential weekends, tuition is provided by academics and practitioners offering a practical, hands-on approach to the subject. Students will also have an opportunity to meet and engage with teaching staff and fellow students.

Nearly all employment and labor law programs offer in-depth study of individual and collective employment law, together with discrimination law, enabling critical analysis of key principles, policies, concepts and doctrines in employment law. The programs provide in-depth, up to date knowledge and analysis of employment and labor law that students can immediately apply in the workplace. Employment and Labor law LLM programs are designed in such a way as to develop students’ ability to research, understand, analyze, apply and advise on employment law matters.

An LLM in Employment Law is normally aimed at employment lawyers, HR professionals, academics and others working in related areas. Most universities offer an approach suitable to the needs of those in full-time employment.

Employment Law is a diverse and complex field, subject to constant change. Advising in such a field can be overwhelming. However, an LLM Employment and Labor Law will give you not only the essential employment legal knowledge and understanding but the skills to keep your knowledge up to date and apply your knowledge to whatever employment law challenges arise.
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