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Dispute Resolution

Regardless of whether you intend to work in the field of litigation, a successful attorney must master skills associated with trial, negotiation, settlement, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution—including international dispute resolution. An LLM in Dispute Resolutionchallenges students to develop and enhance the lawyering skills required for effective representation in today’s complex practice of law, while giving them opportunities to put those skills into action.

An LLM Dispute Resolutionassumes the basic knowledge of procedure and evidence, focusing on areas such as strategic use of the rules of court, and practical matters like funding. It also often aims to develop the students’ skills and knowledge within the specialist area of advocacy.

Many LLM in Dispute Resolutionprograms complement the theoretical study of the law with actual experience in interviewing clients; drafting, preparing, and filing pleadings and motions; investigating facts; appearing before government agencies; mediating; arbitrating; and conducting trials before judges and juries. Many institutions have expert faculty which are comprised of senior academics, practitioners and judges. Students will strengthen their ability to analyze and solve
complex litigation problems, develop advanced litigation skills, and focus on solutions to contemporary challenges to the litigation process.

An LLM in Dispute Resolutionwill enrich and deepen your understanding of contemporary developments in law and the practice of civil litigation and dispute resolution.
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