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Construction Law

Most LLM in Construction Law programs examine construction practice from a legal perspective, including detailed consideration of construction contracts, tortious and multi-party liability, insurance, dispute resolution, procurement, and the environment.

Generally, the majority of programs are at aimed both at practicing construction and surveying professionals and lawyers who aspire to provide more effective expertise in Construction Law and related areas.

For the most part, in the program, construction contracts, and the law behind them, are subjected to detailed analysis, in tandem with a comparative analysis of the approach taken from a wide range of standard form contracts, to evaluate and comment on risk allocations. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of the construction professional will be dealt with in detail, encompassing issues and risks arising from performance of contract administration, design, cost and environmental assessment. In addition to these aspects, an LLM in Construction Law considers supplementary features of construction related legal mechanisms and procedures, including the sharing of liability between project participants, privity of contract (including collateral warranties and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999), assignment, novation, limitation and insurance.

To put it briefly, an LLM in Construction Law allows practitioners to perform and communicate legal analysis with confidence and precision in relation to any aspect of mainstream construction practice.
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