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Competition Law / Antitrust / Unfair Competition

Competition law is an increasingly important area of law, particularly internationally and across the EU. Many LLM in Competition Law programs offer the opportunity for students to explore the impact of competition law in areas such as monopolies and mergers and their regulation and control, intellectual property rights and anti-competitive practices, international competition law and international trade.

Many universities offer a brief introduction to some basic concepts and ideas in competition law and international competition law and policy. Thereafter, discussing and focusing on the process of internationalisation of competition law and policy. The LLM program considers the problems and jurisdictional complications which arise as a result of the territorial nature of competition law enforcement; why it is vital to seek useful ways to overcome such problems and obstacles; how can this be achieved; and the different players and their role in the process. An LLM Competition Law is designed to include 'international' and 'comparative' elements, looking at, among other things: issues such as the role of international organisations and multinational enterprises; the extraterritorial reach of the competition rules of the EC, the USA and those of other jurisdictions; the connection between competition and trade policy; and the competition rules of developing countries.

With the unprecedented increase in significance and remarkable geographical development of the law (as well as other significant developments such as the process of globalization), it has become important to examine the role and place of competition law and policy in a worldwide economy, and an LLM in Competition Law will distinguish you from your peers and prepare you for this challenge.
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