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28 Programs in Comparative Law offered by 26 Universities

Comparative Law

The range of LLM in Comparative Law methodologies differs from program to program. While some focus on the diversity and experiences of the student body or the stark differences between cultures and legal systems, other programs have developed intricate comparative law methodologies.

At most institutions, the LLM in Comparative Law is a one year full-time program or a two year part-time program designed for students whose first law degree was earned at a school outside the United States. It is usually intended to enhance a student’s expertise for practice or scholarship in a specialized field of study, and most programs admit a small group each year, selected from professors, attorneys and recently graduated law students from around the world.

Attaining an LLM in Comparative Law will allow perspective students to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in selected areas of Comparative law, with an emphasis in comparative business and commercial law. In addition, it will enable students to learn the skills of legal research, analysis and communication essential to understanding and applying comparative law and succeeding as a professional in this area. An LLM Comparative Law will aid in obtaining a degree leading to potential employment in commercial law firms, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and/or academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Lastly, students usually end up obtaining a vast international network of professional contacts.
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