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12 Programs in Common Law offered by 10 Universities

Common Law

An LLM in Common Law offers students the chance to gain an understanding of one of the most significant legal systems in the world. The common law system is shared by countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. The LLM in Common Law provides graduates from European Civil Law and other non Common Law jurisdictions an opportunity to study and explore the similarities and differences between the laws, principles and practices of the Common Law and Civil Law systems. Students will gain a significant appreciation of the strengths and limits of Common Law and their importance and responsiveness to the needs of individuals and communities in general, as well as to changing demands of society in periods of social transition and in times of globalization.

The most significant result of the LLM in Common Law will be the ability for non-Common Law and other Civil Law graduates to practice law concerning issues with a global dimension, predominantly commercial law matters, where familiarity with the Common Law will be a bonus. Upon completion of the course you will be acquainted with the law, language, concepts and procedures of the English Common Law and thus be able to work easily and confidently with the Common Law and Common Law attorneys.
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