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Latest news for LLM in Canon Law

Voted Top 300 Worldwide, University of Essex Offers New LLM Degree

08 Sep 17

The 5 September 2017 survey conducted by the Times Higher Education (THE) ranked the University of Essex among the 2018 top 250 to 300 universities worldwide. This is just another addition to the accolades received by the university including the no. 14 ranking it…

Legal English for LLM Students

This course is designed with the specific needs of LLM students in mind. It teaches over 750 terms essential for successful postgraduate legal studies in English, and also includes invaluable study tips, exercises designed to train your academic legal skills development and reading, writing, listening and speaking practice. The texts are all taken from common law legal systems and provide an indispensable introduction to common law legal systems.

Legal English for LLM Students

Expand your Legal English vocabulary word by word

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