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358 Programs in Business / Corporate / Commercial Law offered by 238 Universities

Business / Corporate / Commercial Law

Business law covers any legislation that affects commercial enterprises, the agencies and regulations involved with them, and their impact on the economy, whether this relates to large international companies or small-town enterprises. The term commercial law is often used synonymously, but an LLM Commercial Law may put more emphasis on trade and transactions. The key elements in both fields are: the regulation of commercial affairs on a local, national and global scale; financial and tax management; expansion; joint ventures; and in general maximizing efficiency, profit and growth.

The majority of institutions that provide law courses or have a law/business school run LLMs in some aspect of business or commercial law. Most LLM Business, Corporate or Commercial law are ‘taught’ (i.e. attendance at tutorials, lectures and seminars is necessary).  Research LLMs are available at a few universities.

An LLM Business, Corporate or Commercial Law normally includes a large amount of international content, whether or not they include the word ‘international’ in the title. The following core subjects are common to the majority: investments, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate governance and company law. Many also cover securities, arbitration/dispute resolution, contract, bankruptcy and tax. Competition law and intellectual property are sometimes included in programs of this kind. Outside of this, you can choose from a variety of options, some more general or others specialised or unusual.

Finally, this area is very broad and many ‘general’ LLMs will give you the chance to take a business/commercial path which is to a great extent focused on business and commercial applications and may be available through distance learning.
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