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83 Programs in Banking / Finance / Securities offered by 68 Universities

Banking / Finance / Securities

An LLM in International Finance & Banking Law is a specialist Master of Laws degree that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to handle the demands of the global financial industry within a legal framework. It provides a solid foundation in commercial law and the opportunity to pursue your interest in specific areas of corporate and regulatory legislation.

At most universities, an LLM in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law is an advanced, professional study of the law and process related to the regulation of businesses and the financial services industry. This program usually includes instruction in corporate law, antitrust law, securities law and regulation, negotiation, incorporation, partnerships, trusts, and related topics.

Frequently, the core courses for an LLM in Finance & Banking Law cover legal methodology, conflict of laws in business and commerce, Aspects of Banking Law, International Finance Law, international Taxation Law, Law of the World Trade Organization and International Law and Foreign Investment. Students can often personalise their Masters with electives chosen from different core courses and in most institutions complete their degree with an original dissertation.

Students attaining an LLM in Finance & Banking Law graduate with specialist legal expertise that is vital to organizations operating in exceedingly competitive global financial markets. The students’ familiarity with the language and operational legal detail of international finance – securities, loans, bonds and derivatives – will complement their ability to think strategically and unravel highly intricate legal requirements.
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