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American Law

More than ever, foreign-trained attorneys are being asked to handle the complex demands of their global clients - clients whose cross-border interests implicate U.S. law. In order to assist their clients or counsel their companies, global lawyers must not only understand the essence of U.S. law, but must also work efficiently with their U.S-qualified counterparts. They must be aware of American legal culture and how American lawyers are trained to "think". Most importantly, they must have highly refined legal English skills allowing them to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. An LLM in American Law will prepare foreign lawyers for this challenge.

At most universities, an LLM in American Law is specifically designed to prepare foreign lawyers for the challenge of international practice. Generally, within LLM American Law programs, students are fully-integrated into J.D. classes, where they sit alongside American students being taught in the tradition of a U.S. legal education.  This allows foreign students not only to learn the substance of U.S. doctrine in nearly any area of interest - intellectual property, international business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and alternative dispute resolution; among many others-- but also learn something just as vital: how U.S. lawyers are trained to analyze legal questions and advocate on their clients' behalf.
By attaining an LLM in American Law, you will have developed skills to make you a more successful global practitioner, allowing you to have a unique understanding into the "mindset" of U.S. attorneys and others trained in the common law.
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