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Air and Space Law

An LLM Air and Space Law program is an example of a specialised program in which an LLM can provide an advantage when pursuing a career in a particular field. The LLM Air and Space Law program most often provides an international perspective on Public Air Law, Private Air Law and Space Law.

Generally, an LLM Air and Space Law is often specifically designed for graduates and legal practitioners pursuing careers in law firms or in consulting firms engaged in aviation and Space Law practice. Some prior knowledge of air and/or space law is certainly an asset, but is not normally required. An LLM Air and Space Law is also intended for international legal practitioners in law firms, private companies (e.g. airlines, aircraft parts manufacturers), civil aviation authorities, telecommunication authorities, international and regional organisations and representatives from various governments who wish to specialise in the area of air and space law. Both a full-time and distance learning version of the program may be available.

In most cases, the focus of the program is a mixture of public air law, private air law and space law. Normally, admission to an LLM Air and Space Law program is limited to a finite number of students. Since an LLM Air and Space Law is extremely specialised, most institutions prefer to limit student intake to be able to devote sufficient time to each student and provide time for in-depth class discussions.
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