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University of Nottingham Announces Postgraduate Program Fees for International Students

The University of Nottingham has a long and illustrious history, the first civic college being founded in the now distant 1881 and finally getting the Royal Charter in 1948 and becoming a full-fledged university.

It now has a Malaysian campus, opened in 2000 and a new one in 2005 in Semenyih, as well as a Chinese campus, opened in 2004 in Ningbo. The University of Nottingham has always welcomed international students and promoted diversity, collaboration, and an exchange of ideas on a global level.

There is now quite a substantial number of postgraduate programs available for international students, including four LLM programs in Law, International Law, Human Rights Law, and Criminal Justice. The fees for these programs were recently announced and amount to £17,910 for each of the LLM courses.

Of course, there are always other fees to take into account, depending on the specific course and when you plan to begin your studies, so these might not be the final fees. Anyone who wants to pursue an LLM degree in the UK in any of the courses mentioned above is advised to double-check the numbers on the official university website in the future.

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