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University of Chicago Law School Accidentally Leaks LLM Applicants’ Information

Modernized education makes things a lot easier for both students, teachers and other faculty staff. Still, the introduction of IT into the mix is something businesses across the board are still getting a hang of let alone educational institutions.

We’ve had a lot of examples of top-notch Universities jeopardizing their students’ private information due to negligence, incompetence or lackluster organization.

This time around, University of Chicago Law School made a mistake which ended up costing their LLM applicants their privacy. There was no big hacking effort or any high-tech security breach - this time around the information was leaked due to an old fashioned accidental file attachment in a string email they sent out to all the LLM applicants that were accepted into the program.

The email contained a file with information about all the applicants’ names, TOEFL scores, grades as well as comments regarding the decision about their application.

The University of Chicago was slow to react to this leak and took action two days later. They’ve since asked the students who received the email to delete the file and confirm that they have done so but all this is to little avail as all they have as proof that a file was deleted is the word of the applicants’ give them.

While this leak isn’t catastrophic as this information isn’t as sensitive as, credit card information, for example, it caused quite an outrage with applicants.

It is clear that the staff at the University of Chicago Law School need to tighten up their organization a bit in order to avoid future, potentially more detrimental leaks and security breaches.

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