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University of Buffalo Offer Legal Clinics as a Part of Their Experiential Learning Programs

The University of Buffalo Law School has disclosed the 10 legal clinics upper-class and LLM law students will have as a part of their very rich experiential learning program - their goal: student empowerment.

Legal clinics are great opportunities for students as they provide them with real-world experience with work they are being educated to handle in the future. The fact that the University of Buffalo Law School offers 10 different clinics to its students means that the students will have a lot of options to choose from and a bigger chance that they will gain experience doing work relevant to their career plans.

The clinics available to upper-class and LLM students are as follows:

  1. Animal Law Clinic
  2. Civil Liberties and Transparency Clinic
  3. Community Justice Clinic
  4. Environmental Advocacy Clinic
  5. Entrepreneurship Law Center Clinic
  6. Family Violence and Women’s Rights Clinic
  7. Health Justice Clinic
  8. Mediation Clinic
  9. Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic
  10. U.S.-Mexico Border Clinic

Students can pick courses closest to their interests but all of these clinics will provide them with real work experience catering to clients and getting real insight into how the legal practice they chose really functions.

Students interested in the legal clinics offered by the University of Buffalo should refer to their official website for more information about the clinics and on the application process they need to go through in order to be accepted into one of them.

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