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University of Miami School of Law and Young ICCA Providing Full-Tuition Scholarship to One LLM Student

The University of Miami School of Law and Young ICCA will award a full-tuition scholarship worth US$49,500 to one deserving ICCA member who will be given a place on the LLM in International Arbitration. A Virtual Chat event scheduled on 6 December 2017, 11:00 am will be held to provide interested students more details about the scholarship. Non-members may join the Young ICCA to be able to partake in this opportunity.

Established in 2010, Young ICCA is a global arbitration knowledge network for young students and practitioners. Its goal is to promote arbitration by exposing new practitioners to its international practice. The recipient of the scholarship will be decided through an essay competition, coupled with the assessment of the academic achievement and skills of the participant. The essay should be no less than 2000 words.

All relevant information about the competition and the scholarship will be made available during the scheduled Virtual Chat or via a video featuring Sandra Friedrich, White & Case International Arbitration LLM Director. The link to the video may be found at the University of Miami School of Law website.

To be eligible for the full-tuition scholarship, the students must have completed the online application to the LLM in International Arbitration program and paid the required application fee of $50. This must be done by 15 February 2018.

The applications of those who are not joining the competition for the Young ICCA scholarship, and those applying for the other LLM programs, will be accepted on a rolling basis with a priority deadline of 15 February 2018. Applications will be considered after the given date up until the start of the January and August LLM classes based on the availability of slots. Scholarships other than Young ICCA may still be provided at a later time.




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