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University of London Offers 18 Scholarships to Eligible LLM Students

Incoming LLM students starting their studies at the University of London in 2018 will be happy to know that there are 18 scholarship opportunities offered to high-performing students taking up postgraduate programs in law, including Master of Laws (LLM). This scholarship awards are open to LLM students coming from the countries of Russia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia. This funding opportunity is offered yearly.

Currently, the University of London offers a highly flexible LLM program that has more than 30 specializations. The program may be taken online or on-campus. It can be completed full-time or part-time and students have 1 to 5 years to finish it.

The 18 scholarships are each worth a quarter of the entire LLM degree or the value of the four modules. It will be awarded to deserving students who received high average scores in the 6 mentioned countries. To be eligible, the applicant must be registered and getting an education from one of the 6 nations mentioned. He or she should have also finished 5 modules (without failed attempts) within 13 months prior to registration.

Students who have received the best average score resulting from the 5 modules will be the ones to receive the 18 LLM scholarships. This score is typically 60% and above. Those who completed more than 5 modules during the given period will only have their best five scores considered.

The chosen scholarship awardees will be notified of the results by e-mail as soon as the final qualifying exam results are made available. To achieve flexibility, those who will receive the scholarship are expected to try and complete their remaining four modules within the final exams sessions. Failure to do this may result to the forfeiture of the scholarship and the student will have to reimburse the fees for the four modules.

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