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UK Supreme Court Hits Instagram with a Story of Justices Being Sworn In

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom shared its first Instagram Story featuring the official welcoming of two new Justices to the Court. The Story documented Lady Arden’s and Lord Kitchin’s swearing-in ceremony, which also marked the beginning of the legal year.

Lady Arden, who grew up in Liverpool, studied law at the University of Cambridge’s Girton College, and finished an LLM at Harvard Law School, became the third female Justice at the UK Supreme Court. She was the Judge in Charge, Head of International Judicial Relations for England and Wales, from 2005 to September 2018.

Lord Kitchin, an expert in intellectual property law, studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam College, before switching to law and being called to the Bar in 1977. He became a Queen’s Counsel in 1994, before being appointed a Deputy High Court Judge in 2001.

He was appointed to the High Court’s Chancery Division in 2005, the same year when he received a British honor of knighthood. He became a Chancery Supervising Judge in 2009 and served as a Lord Justice of Appeal since 2011.

When the ceremony was complete and Lady Arden and Lord Kitchin took the judicial oath, the new Justices shook hands with their new colleagues and took group pictures to document joining the top bench.

Lady Arden recently made history with her other female colleagues, as the UK’s highest court has a majority female panel for the first time ever in legal history.

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