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UCL LLM Students to be Officers of the LLM Moot

Two University College London (UCL) LLM students taking up different LLM programs at the University's Faculty of Laws are appointed LLM Moot officers. Student of LLM in Commercial Law Cameron Dadkhah and student of LLM in International Commercial Law Shanzé Shah are chosen among hundreds of candidates to be the new LLM Moot officers.

The LLM Moot competition that the two officers will be presiding over will have three rounds. It is scheduled to take place either in February or March. This competitions will be running simultaneously with the Francis Taylor Buildings, one of London's leading set.

To give an overview, a moot is essentially composed of two pairs of advocates who will argue before a "judge" a non-factual legal appeal case. In order to win, the contender need not actually win the case but should make the better presentation of legal arguments. These mooting competitions are quite helpful in developing students' legal skills of interpretation and analysis. It also enhances the students' personal skills of public speaking and argument. These skills and competencies are vital among students intent of having a career in law.

UCL organizes moots, through its UCL Law Society’s Mooting Officers. This year's LLM Moot will be spearheaded by the two appointed LLM students, Dadkhah and Shah. UCL advises students participating in moot competitions to put a lot of work to be able to successfully argue their cases. This way, they will be able to get the most out of mooting.

Cameron Dadkhah is hoping for a wide range of barristers and practitioners to judge the coming competition, hopefully some coming from the Supreme Court. The two officers chosen for the position are heavily experienced in this field, having participated in various moots, public speaking events and debates.

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