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UCL Law Gives New Scholarships for LLM Students

In the spirit of fairness and social equality, the UCL Faculty of Laws has just announced the launch of at least ten new scholarships for deserving graduates in pursuit of LLM degrees.

All scholarships will apply for the academic year of 2019/2020.

The idea behind this gesture is to encourage and support ambitious students who would otherwise have no means of accessing prestigious postgraduate law programs such as this one.

Professor Piet Eeckhout, who is Dean of UCL Laws, explained that this school’s faculty prides itself in its collaborative and welcoming spirit, as well as in its community of outstanding students in which graduates with notable academic achievements can continue to thrive.

The scholarships will go to UK-domicile graduates who have displayed academic excellence despite their financial hardships. UCL Law has announced three different categories – at least six “Dean’s Scholarships”, two awards dedicated to “Future Scholars”, and a minimum of five “Academic Excellence Scholarships”.

Applicants who are eligible for receiving an award from the first two categories of UCL’s new scholarships will be means-tested for a chance to receive full fees and a £15,000 year’s maintenance. The Academic Excellence Scholarship will not be means-tested and will provide a £10,000 fee reduction.

All students applying for UCL Laws awards will have to meet the faculty’s regular entry requirements.

UCL Faculty of Laws will welcome all students who meet these requirements, regardless of their social background.

The applications will open in late October 2018.

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