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UCL Faculty of Law LLM Students Win the Medical Law Mooting Competition 2017

The University College London (UCL) Faculty of Laws congratulates its two LLM students for winning the recently concluded Medical Law Mooting Competition 2017. LLM in Public Law student Joseph Mahon and LLM in Criminal Justice, Family and Social Welfare Maxwell Cope won the coveted moot competition held 2 December 2017 at Leicester University.

This year's moot competition was supported and sponsored 1 Crown Office Row, a long-established and leading civil set of members that provide expert legal counsel and representation with clerks offering first class service to a diverse client base.

More than 22 universities competed in the 2017 National Medical Law Moot. It was characterized with several fiercely contested rounds, leading to the final. The key questions revolved around medical negligence and issues on failed sterilization cases, particularly on damages.

The judges for the final round were composed of a panel of five, including two Queen's Counsel judges and Sir Nicholar Green, who is a High Court judge. The judges' decision was unanimous and awarded the win to Maxwell and Joseph, who received the highly prestigious Medical Moot trophy for their win.

Maxwell indicated in an interview after the competition that the two of them are "over the moon" for this achievement, making their late nights of reading cases all worth it. The two UCL LLM students intend and hope to continue representing UCL in other moot competitions in the future.


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