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UC Davis Still Accepting LLM Applications for Its August 2018 Intake

The University of California, Davis School of Law is still accepting LLM applications for academic year 2018-19. The LLM program begins late August and ends in May. The School of Law will accept and consider applications on a rolling basis until middle of August, prior to the start of the LLM classes.

UC Davis School of Law is one of the leading law schools worldwide. The LLM program it offers has a duration of 10 months where U.S. and international students at all levels are integrated. LLM students will obtain essential knowledge of the American legal system and have the option of specializing in their area of interest. LLM students have the choice of taking the LLM program in any of the following manners to suit their needs:

  • General-Customized LLM;
  • LLM with a Pre-Planned Specialized Area of Study, e.g., business law, human rights and social justice law, criminal law and procedure, public or private international law, environmental and natural resources law, intellectual property, health law and bioethics and many others;
  • Two-Year Advanced LLM, which is ideal for those who need a longer period to study; and,
  • Spring Start LLM Option, designed for students who prefer starting during spring to meet their career and educational goals.

The School of Law also gives students the opportunity of preparing for the Bar exams. To apply for the LLM program, candidates may choose to submit their applications and requirements through the following:

  • online through the LSAC;
  • online through the UC, Davis School of Law website, for the application form, and through mail for the requirements: or,
  • by mail, addressed to LLM Admissions, UC Davis School of Law.


The LLM program is open to both American and international students with prior law degrees.


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