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UC Berkeley Now Accepting Applications for its 2018-19 LLM Programs

The University of California School of Law has announced that its 2018-19 LLM applications are now available. Currently, the prestigious Law School offers four world-class Master of Laws programs that may be accomplished in as short as 8 months, depending on your choice of a specialized LLM course. The four LLM programs are as follows:

  • LLM Professional Track - 8 months duration starting May 2018
  • LLM Traditional Track - 9 months duration starting August 2018
  • LLM Thesis Track - 9 months duration starting August 2018
  • LLM Hybrid Option - 11 months duration starting May 2018

The deadline for submission of application for the traditional, professional and thesis tracks is 10 January 2018. For the LLM hybrid option, the deadline is 15 November 2017.

Berkeley Law's LLM program is a general Master of Laws degree that allows for endless customization and is ideal for foreign lawyers who want to prepare themselves for global practice. Applicants to the programs may start submitting their applications through the  Law School Admission Council (LSAC) website. Those without an LSAC account yet easily register for it online. A registration fee will be required prior to account creation.

Berkeley Law recommends applicants to first send in the application form available in the LSAC website to signify the start of application and create a record of the prospective student, even if not all requirements are ready yet. The supporting requirements may be sent at a later time as long as this does not exceed the deadline. Those who are accepted will take their LLM classes in UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall, where the School of Law is located.

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