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Two New Air and Space Law Specialists at Ole Miss

The University of Mississippi School of Law is the only research and education institution in the world that prepares postgraduate students for a career in air and space law. The curriculum includes all U.S. practices, as well as international and comparative law.

The program, aimed at postgraduates, will help students earn their LLM degrees in air and space law.

Ole Miss welcomed two new faculty members this summer, both of whom will serve as associate directors of this program and teach classes during the 2018/2019 academic year. Michelle Hanlon and Charles Stotler are already renown experts on the field of air and space law.

As a co-founder and president of For All Moonkind, an award-winning representative of our cultural heritage in outer space, Michelle Hanlon came to Miss Ole with 25 years of experience in business law. She carries diplomas from Yale, Georgetown, and McGill.

Hanlon’s former colleague from the McGill University, Charles Stotler, has built his career in aviation, international and space law. He has been very vocal about the prevailing importance of this new law discipline throughout his career.

The University of Mississippi School of Law has been a trailblazer in this air and space law since 1965, thanks to one of the pioneers of legal aspects of space exploration, Stephen Gorove.

Following in his footsteps, and under the wing of Stotler and Hanlon, Ole Miss’s LLM program will work with both U.S. and foreign students to nurture another generation of air and space law alumni.

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