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The University of Manchester Master of Laws (LLM) Degree Applications are Open

The LLM program offered at the University of Manchester is a highly flexible one. This is a full-time program with no part-time or remote part-time options.

The LLM offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to the students having the option to pick and choose their subjects as well as specializations of their law studies. A multi-directional education is also an option with this LLM course. Students will have an opportunity to learn a variety of legal, criminological and ethical subjects - depending on the direction they choose to go into.

For this full-time LLM course, UK and EU students will have to pay an annual fee of £9,500 while international students will be paying £18,500. These fees cover the tuition, administration and computational expenses that are included in the application process.

The length of the program is 12 months. All students can apply through the use of the official online application form released by the University of Manchester.

The application period is currently open and the deadlines are set for June 15th for international applicants and August 15th for UK and EU applicants.

Students should be aware that the University of Manchester school of law does not accept transfer students.

For the full course unit list, you should visit their official website. All question regarding this LLM and its application process should be directed to their official student support channels as well.

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