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The University of Groningen Next LLM Admission Round to Start in October 2019

The University of Groningen has announced that the next admission window for their LLM program is going to be open in October 2019. Students applying during this window will start their studies in September 2020.

All students should be aware that they will need to submit their admissions before the deadline ends in order to be considered valid.

The University of Groningen offers the following LLM choices to their students:

  • Energy and Climate Law
  • European Economic Law
  • Global Criminal Law
  • International Commercial Law
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Public International Law
  • Governance and Law in Digital Society LLM

The Governance and Law in Digital Society LLM is a hybrid between social science and Law so it requires students to either have a social degree with a law minor or a law degree with a social minor.

For those students that lack the minor Groningen University offers a Pre-LLM program. 

Here is a list of requirements for this admission process:

  1. Law degree
  2. 7/10 GPA (Converted to Dutch grading system)
  3. Letter of motivation
  4. Proof of English proficiency
  5. CV
  6. One reference

The admissions are performed based on merit so keep this in mind when applying. The whole process is performed online and is very simple to complete.

For additional information about other LLM programs, you should visit their official website. If you have any inquiries or find something unclear you should contact them via their official channels. 

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