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The University of Buffalo Has a New Cross-Boarded LLM Program

The University of Buffalo has recognized a trend of more and more cross-border interactions taking place in legal practice. They’ve responded very well. The School of Law now offers a brand new cross-border LLM program to help attorneys successfully guide their clients in these situations.

This is the first program of this type in the U.S. The goal of this program is to provide attorneys with knowledge in cross-border legal practices regarding transactional, corporate, tax, real estate, and immigration work.

The University of Buffalo is in a position to provide students with learning opportunities based on real-world cross-border legal examples. The university is located only 20 minutes from Canada. On top of that, their profound network of alumni stands at the students’ disposal to help them engage in cross-border legal practices.

To be eligible for the LLM program, students are required to have a degree in law. The admission to the LLM program started in 2017. During the program, the students will have a unique opportunity to work hand in hand and learn from attorneys practicing cross-border law in Ontario and Buffalo. The main goal of the program is to enable students to learn how to identify legal issues in a cross-border context.

Students will be able to pick an additional 4 courses from environment, trade, international business, corporate, tax and immigration law. During the LLM program, international students will be introduced to the U.S. legal system and be able to enroll in legal research and writing classes.

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