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The LLM Master of Law Program at Western Australia

The LLM Master of Law Program at Western Australia

The LLM Master of Law program offered at the University of Western Australia is designed to deepen the understanding of legal issues with students and practitioners alike. 

The University of Western Australia is a Top 100 university and is known to have legal practice leaders within its alumni but also businessmen and women, government officials and other highly regarded professionals. 

This is a flexible program offering students the opportunity to seek out a path that suits their career plans best. Students can go for specialization or just pick a subject that they see as interesting. Students can study things like government regulation, resources law, commercial law, public, and private international law areas. 

They can also specialize in family law, property law, employment law, international commercial arbitration, government accountability, etc. 

Here are the fees that students will need to cover in order to enter this program:

Domestic students: $32,000.00 

International student: $37,300.00

The university also offers many scholarships designed to fit a wide variety of student profiles. You’ll need to check out further details on their official website to see if you are eligible to receive one. Another thing you’d need to consider before you apply is the cost of living and you can find information about this subject on their website as well.

If you can’t find information about the LLM program on their official pages you should attempt to contact their faculty via phone or email. 

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