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The Institute for International Business Law, University of Fribourg, Switzerland Offers a Choice of LLM Courses

Except for the course called Commodity Trading, three other LLM programs offered at the Institute for International Business Law at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland have been attracting students of various interests and from different nationalities and legal cultures for the past ten years.

What’s so unique about these courses is that they are strongly skill-oriented, which means that they impart functional knowledge of the law that International Business Law Students can apply instantly after graduating with an LLM degree. Each of these programs was tailored for a specific job in legal firms:

  • International Contracts and Arbitration
  • Compliance
  • Commodity Trading
  • International Business Law

The University of Fribourg has been working hard with the legal industry leaders to make these courses vocational, highly specific, and practical so that every LLM student from the Institute can have a real chance of getting a nice job fresh out of college. As such, they benefit both students and legal firms.

But the programs offered at the Institute for International Business Law are not only vocational and interdisciplinary. They also aim to provide cross-cultural knowledge of legal practices, which is why the University of Fribourg accepts candidates from 30-35 different nationalities every academic year.

If you’re interested in pursuing an LLM degree, but you don’t want to spend a whole year studying ancient books and acquiring purely theoretical knowledge, then the University of Fribourg is a place made for you. The Institute gives you an opportunity to develop highly specific, employable law skills.

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