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The CLS-AoL Dubai Maritime Law Conference Was a Great Success

More than 75 delegates attended Dubai Maritime Law Conference on September 25th, the majority of them in hope of hearing important updates on the UEA shipping industry. The event also marked the launch of a new maritime law LLM program, the first of its kind in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

Hosted by the City Law School (CLS), DIFC Academy of Law (AoL), and Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre, Dubai Maritime Law Conference was described as an enormous success.

In a series of panel talks, academics, shipping entrepreneurs, and lawyers from the GCC region had a unique opportunity to hear speeches from renowned field experts and respectable business leaders from the industry. The speakers’ focus was on maritime law and new regulatory challenges of shipping.

The most notable speech – the Implications for Shipping and Trade Contracts: The US Sanctions on Iran – was delivered by professor Jason Chuah, who serves as both head of the department and professor of commercial and maritime law in City Law School.

CLS experts contributed two other speeches, signed and delivered by greek LLM programme director, Mr. Anthony Rogers, and lecturer in law, Mr. Jeffrey Thomson, before announcing the launch of their new City, University of London postgraduate program.

The new LLM program will provide postgraduate qualifications in maritime law and will be open to all law students from the GCC region. Since the shipping industry plays a huge part in this region’s economy, the LLM program will certainly emphasize subjects such as international maritime trade law.

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