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The Best Law Schools to Offer T-Shaped Legal Education

T-shaped education is of late trending among law students as well. To both graduate and postgraduate students, it offers unique opportunities for honing their skills, expanding on their knowledge, and pursuing careers in various legal fields. Institutions devoted to student success and academic excellence are on the rise too, helping law students to further empower their legal careers.

According to many students, educators, and legal professionals, the five leading schools for receiving T-shaped education in the fields of law are:

  • School of Law, Universty of Miami
  • School of Law, Universty of New Hampshire
  • School of Law, Emory University
  • UCLA School of Law, University of California Los Angeles
  • Suffolk Law School, Suffolk University

The University of Miami already boasts amazing accomplishments when it comes to academic excellence and employability. The International Jurist has recognized it as a Top 25 Law School for international and foreign law, while preLaw Magazine has singled it out for its employment results.

According to US News & World Report 2019, the University of New Hampshire ranks 6th for its innovative Intellectual Property Law programs. The Emory Unversity is consistently ranked one of the Best Law Schools in similar reports. UCLA remains among the most influential schools in the world.

Suffolk Law School has recently been voted number one in legal technology in the US by PreLaw Magazine. Like the rest of the universities from this list, Suffolk offers T-shaped programs as well. No wonder these law schools are traditionally the #1 choice for students who are committed to continuing their education.

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