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Texas A & M University's New Center in San Antonio Now Offers Master Level Legal Programs

Texas A&M University's (TAMU) School of Law is now offering Master of Jurisprudence (MJur) degrees at both its Fort Worth and San Antonio centers. The latter is a new TAMU center constructed to accommodate more students in the area and the aim of creating business leaders through law.

The San Antonio center will start its MJur classes fall of 2017. Prospective students should therefore start sending out their applications and requirements to participate in this new program. This post-graduate degree covers principles of commercial and contract law, and international and American legal perspectives on transactions, among others. There will be 30 credit hours to complete this course.

Legal professionals currently working, who want to gain enhanced education on how law affects business, may take this program as it employs a blended format where classes are held two nights each week. This is made possible through the use of flexible online content that will allow students more flexibility.

Besides the new MJur program launched by the San Antonio center, TAMU Law's Fort Worth main campus also offers several LLM degrees as well as a General MJur program. Some of these degrees may be taken in residence or online. The following are the offered LLM programs:

  • Custom/General LLM (in residence)
  • LLM in Intellectual Property (in residence)
  • LLM in Wealth Management (online)
  • LLM in Risk Management (online)

Just as with the MJur, the LLM course in residence will start in September. All programs may be completed within 12 months.

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