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SZABUL Partners with Northampton University to Offer LLM Students Quality Education

Upon the approval of Sindh government's Foreign Affairs Federal Ministry and the Higher Education Commission Sindh, the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law (SZABUL) and the University of Northampton in UK is collaborating to create a program that will allow, among others, SZABUL LLM students to gain quality legal education in UK.

This project was two years in the making. It was first conceived by SZABUL founding Vice-Chancellor retired Justice Qazi Khalid Ali. Upon the affirmation of Pakistan's Higher Education Commission through a letter addressed to SZABUL, the partnership is now on its way to fruition, particularly upon the final approval of the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan. The program is expected to start September 2018.

This unique program will allow outstanding law students of SZABUL to continue portion of their legal education at the Northampton University of UK. The choice of students to be sent to UK will be based solely on academic merit. Under this collaborative program, SZABUL LLM students taking up a two-year LLM program will undertake the first year of their LLM degree in SZABUL and complete the second year in Northampton University. Only a nominal fee of £1,300/year will be paid by the LLM student. The rest of the tuition, which is about UK£13000/year, will be waived as long as the student meets the criteria of meritorious competence.

Not only SZABUL's deserving  LLM students will benefit in this program but also outstanding LLB students who will take their first three years in the Pakistan University and the final year at Northampton University. Only £2000 annual fee will be charged to the student. Both the LLM and the LLB degrees will be issued by Northampton.

In a variety of judgments made by the Pakistan Supreme Court, it was stressed that low-quality and delayed justice can be attributed to the flaws in the legal education system. With the collaboration of SZABUL and the University of Northampton, the quality of legal education among law students of Pakistan is expected to greatly improved.


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