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Suffolk University Admission for Spring Semester is Now Open

Suffolk University has released information about their admissions for the spring semester LLM program.

The admissions will be evaluated based on a number of factors including overall academic performance as the most prominent one. Still, things like letters of recommendation, resumes, personal statements, work experience, and academic achievement will be considered.

Interviews are are not a part of the regular admissions process but students can request to have one with the Chair of the Graduate Law Admissions Committee. Likewise, the chair may request an interview if they need clarification surrounding some aspect of the student’s admission. 

The deadline is set for October 1st, 2019 so there is ample time to get your affairs in order and submit your documentation.

Admissions are conducted through your LSAC account and require transcripts and recommendations. There is also a non-refundable $60 fee which is paid through LSAC.

Suffolk University accepts both US and international students provided they meet the eligibility requirements proposed by their faculty. US students will need to provide a JD degree from a law school which is accredited by the American Bar Association. Foreign students will need to present a foreign JD equivalent from a recognized law school. 

Graduates from foreign law schools can check the LSAC LLM eligibility requirements although Suffolk University may retain the right to make their own decision.

For additional information about the admission process and the LLM program offered at Suffolk University, you should refer to their official website.

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