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Students Threaten to Boycott the LLM Exams at Mumbai University Despite Extension

In connection with the earlier article published by Translegal on the matter, and in response to the growing protests made by students of the Mumbai University (MU) who are set to take their LLM exams, the officials decided to postpone its date from January 17 to January 22. This LLM exam will decide who will be admitted to the Law School's first semester LLM program. The students were seeking a postponement based on the short time afforded to them to prepare for the exam.

The admission list of those who will take the LLM exams was cleared on January 10 and the exams are scheduled for January 17. With only 6 days to prepare, the students were in a frenzy over the short preparation time given to them. After all, passing the exams could mean a better future for them. MU claims that the tight schedules are the effect of the delays in the announcements and results of the previous exams.

Despite the additional days extended to those who will take the exams, the students are still unhappy and have threatened to boycott the examination. They find the postponement to be a mockery. The extension given them is only five days, and the students find this inadequate to allow them to study for the LLM exams. Also, the 5-day relief failed to meet the 90-day term required by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for teaching each semester.

The postponement was the result of a discussion MU had with student representatives. MU promised to release a detailed time-table for the schedule. Students are pushing for the LLM exam to instead coincide with the first semester exams of incoming LLB students set to be conducted on January 29. However, MU officials believe it not feasible to further delay the holding of the LLM exams as it may have an adverse impact to the second semester LLM exams scheduled in May.



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