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Students Seek to Postpone LLM Exams at Mumbai University

Law students and prospective LLM students at Mumbai University (MU) are in a frenzy after its Law School confirmed that it will hold the LLM exam on January 17. Allottees may seek admission only till January 12 and only 19 seats are available. 

The problem stems from the fact that MU will be conducting this LLM examination even without first reaching the requirement of the University Grants Commission (UGC) to first complete 90 days of teaching each semester. As a consequence, students will have only seven days of preparation for the LLM exam. This has caused unease among students not only because it breached UGC rules but mainly because it could endanger their academic and professional careers.

MU Law School's syllabus is supposed to be accomplished in 90 days. However, the University is expecting students to cover it in 20 days (for the 4th admission list), and in 7 days (for the 5th admission list). Given the tough reputation afforded these LLM exams, students are worried. Students are asking for, at the very least, a week-long crash course that will allow them to get acquainted with the LLM exam pattern.

Upon discussion with the MU officials about the matter, the University verbally students that they will see what can be done. The MU officials also explained that the short notice prior to the exam was due to the delayed results of prior exams, thus eating up time in between. The Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa are looking into the problem, but nothing official has been done yet.



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